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what time is the raid tonight I would like to go but cant sign up on fb
otan I get view the facebook page through the link or by searching
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Guild Bank Housecleaning - Free Mats and Stuff!

Otan., Apr 13, 13 12:41 PM.
We will be cleaning out the guild bank of crafting materials below Grade 9 to make room for new Grade 9 crafting materials and skill level 450 schematics.  It will be mostly crafting materials, but all items (such as armors, mods, weapons, and accessories) will also be available.

Therefore, Sunday, April 14th from 12 PM - 3 PM EST, all members will have access to 40 items from the guild bank.  You may take whatever you need, but those of you that have multiple characters in the guild, please be considerate and do not log on multiple toons to take more stuff.  Also, Guild Bank access will be closed until that time so members can deposit freely.

Also, if you have any crafting items or equipment you would like to get rid of, this would be an excellent time to deposit those things into the guild bank so they can be put to good use for our members.  If you have any questions see Otan or any advisor in game.

Happy Hunting!

Site Upgrade Allows for some Well-deserved Guild Perks - Raider and Raider Elite

Otan., Nov 8, 12 5:41 PM.
Thanks to Solaris, our website has been upgraded so there are no longer any restrictions on what we can do on the website.  This will allow us to keep an unlimited number of events on our calendar, which means we can also keep better track of attendance in raids.  Starting as of November 1st, all attendance will be visible on the raid event and this will be tracked as well.

It is very important to make sure our consistent raiders are rewarded.  Those members keep our guild alive, pumping, and progressing forward.  Also starting with November raids, once a member has attended 5 consecutive raids by signing-up, receiving confirmed status, and attending, the player will be granted the rank of Raider.  This will be tracked in the DKP section of the website at 5 pts per attended raid.  These members will receive the following benefits (does not automatically apply to alts):

* A limit of 15 withdrawls from the guild bank per week (on main character only)
* A 200,000 credit limit per week for repair costs and respecs for guild events
* Preferred confirmation status on all raids.

The rank of Raider Elite will granted at 20 consecutive raids, and all restrictions from the guild bank and funds will be lifted.

I know it's not much or a huge deal that makes the ground shake, but I hope it at least a small way we can show appreciation for our raiders who dedicate their play time to our raiding and preparing for raiding, when they could perhaps be doing something else in game or in real life.

On a side note, I encourage ALL members to register and sign-up for events, even if they look full.  When we get to the point where we are surpassing consistent 8 person sign-ups... well, thats what 16-mans are for!  Get signed up, and we'll start enchancing our experience and the number of drops (major raiding gear efficiency) by doing 16-man ops!  

See you in the game!

Starting to Beef Hard Modes on Farm!

Otan., Aug 15, 12 5:39 PM.
Grats to the guild on some great raid completions the last couple of weeks!  In the last two weeks, we have completed Eternity Vault hard and Karagga's Palace in one night!  This is a sign that we are heading in a great direction as raiders, and are really working together as a team.  The next step is to continue having these Operations on "farm" and eventually add or replace one of these runs with Emerging Conflicts.  This will require a full group of Rakata geared players to ensure success.  Nonetheless, it will be time to put the Beef to the test very soon.

Keep up the work raiders!  New members, be sure to get in on Story Mode events so you can start to have a place in our higher level raids!  Let's keep beefin!

Guild Beefs its First Hard Mode!

Otan., Jul 27, 12 5:58 AM.
Thursday night, the guild had its first all-member Hard Mode, Eternity Vault.  We downed the first 4 bosses with the final boss, Soa, scheduled for Sunday night.  Congrats to Amras (Sentinel) and Davita (Sage) for winning rolls on our first Rakata drops!

For a guild that is just 4 weeks old, we are certainly on the track to becoming a guild power on the server.  Let's keep it up!  Keep building, keep leveling, and keep raiding!  Great job everyone!

PvP Events on the Calendar!!

Otan., Jul 22, 12 6:42 AM.
It's time to start beefing some sausage in PvP.  Watch the raid calendar for Pvp events.  In these groups, we will have a much higher chance of winning because we are communicating and working with each other.  The purpose of the 4 mans is to help get everyone geared so we can start posting 8-man Ranked Warzone events!!  Ask Otan or Hemmorahge for details or questions.
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